What is Hotel Glam?
Hotel Glam is an html and image based project that allows you to have your very own Hotel room in the world of Glam! You pay for your room and design it as you like.

How do I get a room?
To get a room, simply request one at the Leasing Office. The deposit for a room is 250 except the penthouse suite which is 450 diamonds. The 8th floor is called the Penthouse suite.

Do I pay rent?
No, you only pay your deposit and after which you pay no rent.

So wait, how do I get my room up?
To have your room updated post your new room in the Room Update.

What do I even put in my room?
You can find your props and bases onsite or on the forum.

Do I have to use the bases provided?
Yes, you must use the bases we provide. This is for consistancy and to save the trouble of crediting outside basemakers.

Do I have to use the props provided?
You do not have to use the provided furniture. You may create your own.

Can I edit the given props?
Yes. You can edit them to any extent, even to the point of creating new furniture.

How big is my room?
Each tile should be no bigger than 196 wide and 161 tall.

Do I have to use a wall?
All room sets are now required to have a wall on their right side tile. This includes rooms on the 5th room of the floor. This means if you own 3 rooms, Room One and Two do not need a wall to the right but Room Three does!

Do I have a time limit to fill my room?
You have 6 months to fill your room before it is repossesed and you are refunded 50% of your diamonds.

Can I post my doll offsite?
You may post your doll on any art site(including but not limited to your deviantart or personal site, excluding facebook or any social networking site) with proper credit to Glam. You must credit Glam with a link or you will be penalized.

Can I post my room offsite?
Your room may not be posted offsite without a doll in it. You must properly credit Glam with a link.

Can I post my props offsite?
Your room may not be posted offsite without a doll with it. You must properly credit Glam with a link. If you made the prop 100% and used it with a non-Hotel Glam base, you do not have to credit Glam.

What if I break one of the rules?
You will only have one warning and on the second incident you will be banned from using Hotel Glam. Your ban and your warning does not affect your status on the main Glam forum. You will not need to remove old Hotel Glam artwork but you may not post any new Hotel Glam artwork. Posting new Hotel Glam artwork after you have been banned from doing so will result in an official Glam warning for the main forum. Upon being banned from Hotel Glam, your room will be revoked and your diamonds will not be refunded. If you don't know if something violates the rules, please ask in Questions.

What if I want to move my room?
There is now a 25 diamond room transfer fee per room. This is subject to change without notice and with restrictions. Simply post in the Room Update what new rooms you want and say you want to transfer your rooms. Be sure to say what room goes where in the new location.

I have props to share, what do I do with it?
You can share your props with others by donating it. These props may be completely new or be made from one of the premade props. However, if it is made from another prop, it must look signifigantly different and not simply a recolor.

I have a base edit to share, what do I do with it?
You can share your base edits with others by donating them. These base edits may be made from one of the original bases or someone else's edit of the base. If it is made from another base edit, it does not need to look signifigantly different.

What are these spiffy props with watermarks or piled together?
Watermarked items and sets are items that may be available in the Exclusive shop. They may also be auctioned off. You may not use them if you did not pay for them. There are still plenty of free props.

Do I have to pixel my room(s)?
Your room may be pixelled, tooled, celled, anything you like.

Is there a certain image format I have to use?
At the moment we are freely accepting PNGs. If you'd like to use a GIF, it will cost you 15 diamonds. This is because of the lack of ease in implenting a GIF into an all PNG system. There will be no Jpegs allowed.

Can I use animation?
Absolutely! But the 15 diamonds price is still in use for a GIF.

I want to put a black hole in my room. Can I?
Yes(as long as it has walls)! The hotel is fairly unregulated. The only thing we don't allow is nonartistic nudity. The administrators will be the judge of artistic nudity.

How many rooms can I have?
As many as you can pay for. That doesn't mean you should just dump all your diamonds into deposits. You can still use them for auctions and exclusives.

Can I reserve a room for a tower that isn't open yet?

How are the towers named?
Currently there are 3 towers: Flynn, Franklin, York. They are all named for the 3 main producers of Glam.

Do I need to own a room to participate in a Hotel Glam contest or collab?

I have a question not listed.
That's not a question! However you can ask all questions here.