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September News

Post by Phoenigette » Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:13 pm

September: It's a Throwback!

For those of you born in September time, here is your gift so fine.

Some/most/all of you may be going back to school, and we're hit with a sudden nostalgia for things that were. You too? Come to the tabloids... we should chat :)

Many of us were first sucked into this community through dollmakers. In honor, we have a dollmaker contest going on! Check it out, easy diamonds. There's been an extension!! Deadline is October 4

That's not all that's going on September... stay tuned

9/7: O Snap! There's a morass of voting over for Base Race!! Be sure to cast your vote :)
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Thanks Gwen ;)
Bang, baby!

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