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Free resources and templates

Post by Ninique » Fri May 06, 2011 8:44 am

Learning HTML & CSS


Don't fear the Internet (A good primer, especially if you think html and CSS is scary)[video]
Lifehacker: How to make a website (Recommended for absolute beginners)[video]
Nettuts+: Web Design From Scratch (Also recommended for absolute beginners, though this one goes a little more in depth)[video]
30 days to learn HTML & CSS (An online course from the same guy who wrote the tutorials from the above link. This one might be more up-to-date)[video]
HTML Dog (Might be called HTML dog, but also has CSS)
Your HTML Source
W3Schools (Be careful with this one, as some examples have errors in them)
Lissa Explains
Desdemona's SiteBuilding 101 course (A walkthrough/course made by a fellow doller)
The Basics of Cascading Stylesheets

Intermediate / Advanced
CSS Max Design (CSS Tutorials for floats and navigation) (Table-less CSS Layouts)
CSS Tricks
Net Tuts+
HTML5 Doctor (For those who want to learn the new and shiny stuff)

CSS3 Generator (Really useful for all the fancy new stuff like rounded corners and drop shadows)
Border Radius Generator (Easy rounded corners)
Layer Styles(Just like Photoshop Layer styles, but for CSS3 properties)
Theme Shock CSS Text Shadow(Generates CSS for cool text effects on your headers)
Rainbow Arch Web Tools
Image Map Generator
Sprite Me (Make your site load faster by making sprites from your layout images)
CSS Tricks Button Maker

Free Website Templates

Silindor's Templates
Template from Daenerys' Workshop
Daenerys' Side Navigation Template
Gray HTML by Rhapsody Girl
Primary CSS (These are very basic layouts that you can customize)

Free Hosting (Formerly Freewebs)
000 Webhost
50 Webs
Ingenyes (You need to buy the domain name for this one, but the hosting itself is free.)

I'm realizing it would be easier if you PM me with link suggestions from now on. That way I can keep this list clean and links won't be repeated twice on the page. Please keep all suggestions website-related; links to software and stuff like that don't belong here.
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