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Re: Erm, just working in a SHOP [Artzy's Arts]

Post by Tals » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:34 pm


I would like a doll of my character Sandrine. Standing or seated, either or; posed maybe like this or this; as if for a formal portrait?

Here’s her specs from her request thread (just a note, she is as flat as a board chest-wise; she's very angly):

Build: tall and lanky - she tries to accentuate her waist with tightlaced corsets
Skin color: light brown
Hair color and style: medium brown; long and wavy
Eye color: dark brown, nearly black
Distinguishing features: Sandrine has a boyish appearance with almond-shaped eyes and a strong nose and jawline and very thick, very dark eyebrows.
Typical clothing: fussy lolita-inspired dresses in shades of salmon pink, cream, and peach with lots of lace and frills.
Examples: Image ImageImage
by axxkat; base by dnya, Glam! exclusive, by me
More info: Sandrine’s Pinterest

And this mock up thing I did: here

Thank you so much!

Picked up and paid, thanks again!
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Re: Erm, just working in a SHOP [Artzy's Arts]

Post by Artzygrrl » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:22 pm

It will be my pleasure <3

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