2x base sets Huge base and smaller fashion pose set

Full body bases meant for the creation of dolls.
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2x base sets Huge base and smaller fashion pose set

Post by Heartsdesire » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:04 am

I worked on these since boxing day and in fact the big one was a huge mistake but I decided to complete it and make it into a big base for a layout, both base sets match so to speak, the other was inspired by a fashion book on some of the poses I wanted to make a base to use in a pageant style contest and decided to make a AV size face for it also just in case I need one.

It really makes me feel my older bases need some highlighting and adding to ! more to do in 2018 !

Hope you like them.

Oh i would love to do a boy version but arg I am so bad at boys LOL so if any one wants to edit a pose into a boy for me to use i would love you long time !

Rules are pretty normal

Rules - feel free to use my bases as long as you link back to my DA page "heartsdesire-fantasy.deviantar…"
feel free to edit my bases , but still please provide a link back
These bases can be used in art , adoptables , pixel dolls , tool shaded dolls or to your own hearts desire as long as you do not profit ie. make money from the image using my base ( non real life currency is fine)
Any questions feel free to message me.


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Re: 2x base sets Huge base and smaller fashion pose set

Post by Blu » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:12 am

Aww, she's super cute! :) I like the 3/4 turn and sitting poses. The eyes on the larger base are so pretty! ^_^
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