CLOSED - thetinkid wins!

People offering up their many talents to the highest bidder.
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CLOSED - thetinkid wins!

Post by kaitlyn » Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:40 am

I'm just gonna make this quick. :D

I am offering: Either TWO (2) medium-sized dolls OR THREE (3) small-sized dolls. I MAY be willing to make a couple cabbits based on your original character(s). But that depends. ;D
Auction Start Time: Riiiight... NOW! :D
Auction End Time: New Years Day.
I like to make: Long hair, long dresses, lots of details. I like using colorful palettes and making dolls of peoples' OCs.
I don't like to make: poofy dresses, supersuper short hair.
I absolutely WON'T make: any dolls on a SUPERGINORMOUS base.
Minimum bid increment: 5 diamonds, please.
Examples of my work:

Image Image Image
( bases by Hollay & Spyder)

AS A SIDE NOTE - I can pixel or tool or do a mixture of both. :] Also, I'm not great at dolling males. I'll try, but keep that in mind.
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