Draw My OC.

Post your request, and see if there is anyone willing to fill it.
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Draw My OC.

Post by mybeautifulparanoiax » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:56 pm

Okay so I recently found an old OC description of mine and was waiting for my other OC contest to be over before I posted this.

I mostly like Hollay's and Dontfoolyourself's bases. But if you find one you want to use, just ask me and I'll let you know if I like the base. Because a big part of it is going to be how the base fits with the character. I would like a half body or full body base, preferably big. Smaller dolls I am less likely to choose as I have no art of him and would like some sort of reference other than a description.

I would do it myself but I am too lazy and I would rather have someone else draw some lovely art for me.

So here goes:

Hair: It's like this but black and the tips are white, with a few streaks of white throughout. It's not shaved on the side, and the length is only down to his chin. You may change the colour of the streaks to a dark brown.

Face: He's got a spider bites - both lip rings being on the left side of his lower lip - and his ears are stretched (any size is fine, but preferably somewhat large). He's got fair skin. Not too pale, not too tan. His eyes are like this and he wears eyeliner.

Dress him in anything black. The design can be anything, as well, as long as it fits his current punk-ish style. I would prefer him to be in a tight shirt, maybe one that was a little short so it exposed some skin. Because face it, it's hot. His pants, however, must be tight fitting, but baggier than skinny jeans, and a light/neutral grey. Holes or whatever are fine. He does not wear shoes. You may add a studded belt or something of the sort.

His nails are painted black.

He also wears ripped gloves that only cover the palms of his hands and are finger-less.

His tongue is also pierced, but you can't see that, unless you want to edit that. He likes chokers and arm bands and such, so do whatever you want with that. But he must be wearing dog tags.

He's got a tattoo on his back. The wings start on his shoulder blades and follow the form, curving in slightly at the bottom. The wings only go down to just below the middle of his back, and are more rounded at the top like this.

Anything else, go wild. You can even add tattoos or piercings or something. He's really old so I wouldn't mind some creative changes by you guys with him.

There is no end date. I will try to pay everyone who makes me a doll something although the one I like the most will be the one that I use.

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