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An art request

Post by Anna Bee » Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:51 pm

I'm trying to get my next tattoo all settled. So I would love, love, love it if someone could make me a large, high resolution graphic of what I'm looking for. (Please don't fill my request if you're uncomfortable having your art used as a tattoo. Though of course, you would be credited and highly praised every time someone asks about it!)



Google "Spence family crest" for other ideas, as long as it's the Spence family from Ireland, not Scotland. Might find some different lions or shields.

Play around with or draw your own lion, as long as it's laying down
Mess with the shield shape (it doesn't have to be there, or it could be a different shape)
Very simple, elegant designs
Outlines only
Silhouettes only
Suggest placement

Color ink (shading is fine)
Words (that means take out the "Spence")

I'll pay 75d plus an art trade for the first 5, and an extra 100d and eternal gratitude if I end up using it as my tattoo design. <3

So artists, get arting! :bob:
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