Need a design for an OC!

Post your request, and see if there is anyone willing to fill it.
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Need a design for an OC!

Post by LoverlySue » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:38 am

Ok, so I have a new OC and I need help on his design (clothes mostly).

I WILL GIVE YOU DIAMONDS! Of course, the price depends on if I like it or not and if I wanna actually use the design itself. It also depends on how many diamonds I actually have at the time.
And yes, I can choose more than one design for him so don't worry. :wink:

I will accept only pixel art, but other than that you can use any program that allows you to draw in pixel.

+ INFO +

His name is Hera, and he is a Crystal Fairy who fancies in technology to the point of insane levels despite not seeming to have any emotions.

He has blonde hair, but the tips are green. It is more longer on the left side than the right (almost covering his eye), and the rest is just a mess that sicks up at some ends.
He also has pale skin, crystal-blue eyes, and a tattoo of crystal-like monarch wings on his back.

He is supposed to be very skinny as well, and kind of tall (for a fairy at least, as they are naturally as tall as children 10 and under but he is almost as tall as a 14 year old).

In my mind, he has a almost mad-scientist style when he's 'playing' around with the stuff he finds (phones, Wii's, watches, etc) but I have NO idea what he'd wear outside of that.

Also, I want someone to do his original self before he became engrossed in technology and was instead a Crystal Farmer.

Basically, he looked like a normal crystal fairy & even had real wings (he eventually lost them as they were torn off).

He wore a pure white leotard similar to the Greeks/Romans, but the 'button' holding it together was actually a blue crystal in the shape of a heart. Also, his wings are the same as the tattoo on his back but way bigger and torn at the ends in a very beautiful way. His hair was also longer, in a ponytail and he had longer sideburns with both at the same length. His feet & hands seem to be dipped into blue crystal dust, reaching to his knees and elbows (yes, he was barefoot).

Also, if someone can, I would really appreciate it if you took that concept of his old self and make him how he was when he was Cursed by the Fairy Queen because of his 'betrayal' of the Crystal Fairies (you know, no wings with his clothes really shredded and his hair was cut which led to how his hair looks now).

If someone can do ALL this, I'll give you all my diamonds along with letting you have one FREE doll commission from me of one of your OC's. This would include a full outfit & hairstyle set, along with a back & front view.

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Re: Need a design for an OC!

Post by BTD » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:39 pm

I think I might take a shot at this if you want. It will help back into dolling.

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