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So many characterrrrrrsssss...

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:47 pm
by Guitarlove
So here is my permanent request thread for my OCs. To keep things tidy, I'm gonna organize them by what story they belong to. :D
As for what you'll get, probably an art trade. :3

Psyche! Cast

There are six main characters, and I mostly have dress up game screencaps for references, which are all far too big to share here. You can also check out my Polyvore Collection, which has at least one set for each character. If you want more, just PM me and I guarantee you I have more. These high school kids fight Ghouls, monsters who create nightmares. I have almost 30 pages on this story, if you're ever curious for more info on it.

All Together
This is just a WIP, but should give you a good idea for what they all look like. :D
Let me know if you can't see it when I link it, it could be because my Photobucket's set to private.

Annalise "Anna" Peterson
Spoiler: show
Anna is half Native (specifically Shawnee) and half black. She has bright, amber eyes, has black dreadlocks, and most importantly: she is an amputee on her left arm. She does have a prosthetic, but she doesn't always wear it. She tends to go for punk clothing, especially red and black. She's not the biggest fan of skirts, but she will wear dresses if she likes it enough.
Image Base is by Melaine
Audrey Wirth
Spoiler: show
Audrey is half Jewish and half German (I have a terrible sense of humor). Her eyes are an almost black dark blue, has freckles, and a more green-ish, dirty blonde hair. She likes to keep it in various hairstyles, like braids or buns. She also wears a pair of red glasses. She is short, but she is faaaaaaaaar from small. She is a body builder. She loves to wear dresses and skirts, especially if they're orange, yellow, and/or maroon.
Corrie Young
Spoiler: show
Corrie is an immigrant from China (this was a recent change), arriving in America when she was a child. Her hair is black, and kept short with no bangs. She always wears long sleeved shirts, and her favorite colors are pink, purple, blue, fuchsia, and silver. She has a thing for galaxy print.
Image Base.
Cassandra "Cass" Bakil
Spoiler: show
Cass's family originates from Turkey and are proud Muslims. The only time she won't wear her hijab is if she is around family or only with women. She's a fencer, complete with the height of 6'1". She's more of a butch style; lots of suits, suspenders, and cool hats. Her favorite colors are blue, green, teal, silver, and gold.
Alejandro "Alex" Ramirez
Spoiler: show
Alex is third-generation Columbian, and he has absolutely terrible taste in fashion, all t-shirts in horrendous colors. He has a curly mop of hair, tan skin, and quite tall for his age at 5'11". He loves shades of green, blue, gray, and copper.
Zachary "Zach" Walker
Spoiler: show
Zach is the youngest of his family of two sisters, and their fashion sense rubbed off on him. He typically wears flannels and jeans. He's black, and has a stylish half-shaved afro. He wears dark-rimmed, wide glasses. He is a space nerd. His favorite colors are purple, teal, grey, black, and silver.
Fandom OCs
I currently only have one these, but I wanted to make a section just in case. ;3

Akiyama Chiyoko (Naruto OC; blog for her.)
Spoiler: show
Because of how much info I have on her on my blog, I'll just keep things simple here. She has a magnetic ability and comes from a clan that celebrates it to the nth degree. She's also gay as fuck and is basically the Narutoverse's Sappho.
Here's some art:
(Scars Ref)
(Fanart by my RP friend Sylvie.)

Re: So many characterrrrrrsssss...

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 11:43 pm
by Guitarlove
Making a small bump cause I have a couple more refs available. :D