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Postby Blu » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:26 am

This request is closed for the time being. :mrgreen:

Why hellooooo there! :lol:

So I realize that not many people are around right now, so this is not the opportune time to post a request thread, but! \o/ I've got diamonds in my [strike]pocket
bank and a distinct lack of a current avatar.

What I want:
-a fullbody or portrait doll for an avatar that fits Glam!'s size limits ("All avatars must fit within the size restriction of 150 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall.") of this fine being (male, relatively young-looking Gaelic trickster fae, NO pointed ears, dark purple eyes, usually has a smug look on his face)
-I'm thinking for clothes something akin to a Peter Pan vibe
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Image Image Image
-you can use a base or go baseless u wu follow your muse
-I'll be accepting multiple dolls \o/ so if someone is already working on or already submitted something, you can still make a doll if you want! I'll probably cycle through them
-I'll pay 300-500 diamonds per doll
-brownie points and extra diamonds if you make a something (anything) for a matching signature

-oh and clovers. clovers are always a nice touch. ;P

:bob: :bob: :bob:
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we're all here


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