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Post by Em » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:45 am

The Tabloids are meant for chatter on any subject that might come to mind; there are very few rules, so please follow those that we do have! Please use The Casino for games!

As in every other area of the forum, follow the user Code of Conduct. This means use your judgement, be polite, keep your personal problems to your family, friends and psychiatrist, and report broken rules instead of accusing.

In addition, please avoid posting any sexually explicit topics, since this forum is open to minors, and avoid illegal topics because doing so can get us in trouble, too!

If you have questions about current forum events or programs, please instead post in the Questions section of that forum rather than creating a topic in Tabloids.
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Please do not PM Em for any reason; contact any of the other moderators instead!

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