MSPaint eraser tool is acting up, please help :(

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MSPaint eraser tool is acting up, please help :(

Postby meisie » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:51 am

This has made me not want to doll much because it is a lot of hard work. the eraser's right clicking action doesnt do anything. it wont change specific colours to the ones i need, like when we start a doll and begin it with very bright colours so we can see? yeah, i loved that step. but now i loathe it.

i dont really get whats going on, because while i was messing with the colours and eraser last night just trying to get the eraser to do its right-clicking job, i found that a random colour here or there would work...WHAT???

what is going on. :(

well this sucks... i went as far as downloading the old version of MSPaint but the problem remains :(
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