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Post by QuinnKitty » Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:20 pm

So recently I came back to the community.
I focused my attention 5 years about on CG work. But I rarely know how to do anything in pixel art anymore.
and I want to get better at my pixel work.
So I would like to know how does anyone even do patterns??
I want to learn how to do patterns but when I read tutorials on DA I am very confused lol.

So if anyone has any tips that would be great.
for programs I have Gimp, Medibang Pro, Paint tool Sai.
I am back from my Hiatus.

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Re: Patterns?

Post by Phoenigette » Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:21 am

Yeah everyone has a different way of doing patterns, so it really is whatever works for you. I personally free hand my patterns, meaning that instead of creating a pattern grid and repeating it over and over, i draw it by hand so that it's not identical in different places.

My best advice on patterns is to let the patterns do the work for you. If done correctly, patterns show the shape of clothing, they show the folds, and they show any seams or other edges, all with very minimal shading. Shading clothing first and then adding patterns is pretty much rework if you're doing a pattern on the whole piece. Moreover, if you do both then it can look muddy and you can end up with a sky high color count.

The easiest repeating pattern I've found is thick stripes. So you outline your clothes, sketch in any folds you want, put down base color, and then start putting in your pattern. It's important to remember that patterns are largely an illusion, just because the cloth has a stripes that are all the same width when laid flat, they don't appear the same width when on a person. The lines get a little thinner if they get farther away, they may appear closer together when bunched, things like that.

ex: Image Image
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Image Image
Thanks Gwen ;)
Bang, baby!

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