Mini Fandom Base Race!

Uh, here, have some contests...

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Mini Fandom Base Race!

Post by LucyKitsch » Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:42 am

Mini Fandom Base Race

Example dolls:
To be added!

Choose your fandoms (ex. Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim, XMEN... whatever...)
Make a doll on each base inspired by / as a character from your chosen fandom.
The dolls can be from different fandoms!
Please do not make more than one comment containing your entries.
Put all five entries into the same comment.
You don't need to use the bases in order. (Just please let us know what base you chose and what fandom it's from!)

End date:
At least 5 entries, I guess?

1. Ramona by Zipple
2. Farewell by Ichitoko (additional poses here)
3. Sitting Pretty by Aerieyena
4. Kero by BinOfTrash
5. WIP by dnya

Copy + paste the form below into a comment and edit from there.

Code: Select all

- Lauren
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