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Postby PunkieMunkie » Tue May 26, 2015 2:36 pm

Hey all,

Some contest updates....

The AV 6.0 & Color 3.0: Rainbow contest are now voting.. Be sure to go and cast your votes for the Public Choice Awards. The awards for the Green and Gold contest will be posted this weekend.

I've got some new contests just open up.
1. AV 7.0
2. Color 5.0: Colors of Spring and Summer 2015
3. Summer Time

Contests still going on:
1. Base Edit
2. Light and Dark Incarnated

I've also reopened the Challenges as well
The Challenges
1. Doll my OC
2. Once a Upon a Time(For the years 20, 60 & 80)
3. Inspired by a Word: Skulls

To check out all my contests, challenges and to cast your vote... head on over to..... PunkieMunkie's Contest House
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Haunted House by: mokia_sinhall, Bottle and Syringe by: theladywrath

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