Web Story: The Adventures of Leaf and Stone

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Web Story: The Adventures of Leaf and Stone

Post by zili-minikincrafts » Fri Jan 20, 2017 3:06 pm

Well most of the dolling community doesn't know this fun tidbit about me, I worked for a year as a content writer for fashion, cosmetics, and women's health. I hold a bachelor's degree in History of which my minor was Creative Writing. Originally I was a poet, but I always dreamed of writing a novel. There were several starts and just as many projects left to decompose in a trash bin. A year or two ago I started a web story that I also didn't finish it took a turn into a subject I wasn't ready to deal with yet, that one was literary genre (fictional but reads like real life). My own personal story became woven into the fabric of that previous story and I was not in the right head-space to continue. So now I present to you attempt number two at creating a web story. This story "The Adventures of Leaf and Stone" is a fictional fantasy novel though parts and foundation of it reside in history. I was greatly inspired by Izzie (of Celelorian fame, or The Shady Nook) and her amazing web story.

My story will follow twins Ester and Mason Douglas, their friend Ann Rhys, and a very snooty Professor of Literature (Dr. Hayworth) through a freak storm and into a world of magic woven through the fabric of history. They will discover secrets about each other and themselves, are they who they think they are or is there something lying dormant?

Chapter One
Please let me know what you think of the story so far, feedback always helps. Also fair warning, I will forego all editing and revision as my purpose with this story is simply to get it out while it is on my mind.

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