NEW CONTEST - Win a personalized doll created by me

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NEW CONTEST - Win a personalized doll created by me

Postby Consonanta » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:22 pm

Hello friends,

For my first contest on GLAM, I have chosen the theme of Basemaking Artistic Vision. The objective is simply to create an original base that incorporates three or more items from the list below:

Tiny head
Sagging breasts
Visible ribcage
Protruding belly
Flushed skin
Massive nose
Unnatural skintone
Minuscule eyes
Clumpy eyelashes
Non-human legs

The first place winner, as well as any entrant whose entry successfully utilizes all twelve items on the list, will receive a personalized doll made using the base that they submitted.
Second and third place winners will receive icon-sized dolls.
I look forward to seeing your entry!
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