Doll of the Month December '10!

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Doll of the Month December '10!

Postby Em » Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:56 pm

This month's winner is Days!



This doll has a very unique concept, what inspired you?
Erm, nothing particular. In fact lots of things inspire me all the time. Just have a look at my faves on DeviantART ^^ I like a lot of various and sometimes very different things and I think that's why my doll looks a bit weird. It's kind of a patchwork of things I like I guess x)

Do you always use a limited palette? Is 10 colors high or low for a normal doll?
I don't always use limited palettes. I often do because I think it's quite a funny challenge x) Trying to report volumes with only a few colours is very interesting. I would'nt be able to say if 10 colours are high or low because it depends on the doll. I dolled once a doll with only 5 colours and another one with something like 40 colours. It relly depends on my mood and the size of the doll ^^

What part of this doll was your favorite to do?
I loOove making hairs XD I loved making the hair on this doll and I also enjoyed making her highwaisted-pant ^^

Do the ideas for your dolls come all at once, or do they change as you start making the doll?
They absolutely don't come at once XD this doll took me months and and ideas changed a lot while making of the doll ^^ I'm quite moody and often change my mind and I think that's why I never finish a doll at once x)

Anything you would do differently if you did her again?
I think I would change the epaulettes and add details on them. I would also change some details on the TV which isn't perfect at all and the tree trunk. In fact, even though I think she's got a lot of defects I still like this doll ^^

Thanks a lot for rewarding my doll :D
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Re: Doll of the Month December '10!

Postby PixelPerfect » Sun May 15, 2011 9:23 am

wow! This is amazing! Great job!
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Re: Doll of the Month December '10!

Postby Kaisyn » Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:16 pm

Wow! I love the mix between the copper and the blue. They go together really nicely. :D
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