Doll of the Month March 11!

Oscars given for outstanding Dolls.

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Doll of the Month March 11!

Post by Em » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:55 pm

This month's winner is WassupKiba!


This doll is of your character isn't it? What's she like?
Yes, this is Kiba Takahashi my most "loud" character. If she had a literal self-destruct button, Kiba would push the damn thing repeatedly. Drinking, Drugs, and unprotected sex, you name it Kiba has probubly done it. She cant stand being told what to do and will let everyone know when she's pissedoff.
Sadly Kiba doesnt really have redeeming qualities besides her refusal to kill anouther anamorph.(shes fine killin humans though >_>) If it wernt for her friend Hanako, Kiba would have been dead LONG before now lol

When you start a doll, where do you start?
I normally line out everything. and yes, i mean every detail down to those chains on her pants. I rarely add anything once i start coloring so doing the lines first help make sure i have everything where i want it.

This piece has a lot of complicated pieces, which part was the hardest?
The palettes :shock: i really suck at making cohesive color schemes so i tend to reuse palettes more than recommended. This peice was done without any old colors so most of the time that went into this was tweaking and adjusting colors and stuff :3

What is your favorite part of this doll?
her face >D This image of kiba is from a poster i made for my anime club and it made me incredibly happy that her expression transferred so well from sharpie to pixel lol Kiba has a sorta different face so its not always easy to doll

Looking back on it, is there anything you would change?
her pants look ridiculous. I own a pair of rave pants that are made out of a fake leather that has a nice sheen to them. I was hoping to make kiba wear them but they just look awful and horribly rushed dispite the amount of time i spent on the pants. In hindsight i would have just stuck her in her normal black denim.
and I would have made her hair a bit more blue lol
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