Base of the Month July 10!

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Base of the Month July 10!

Postby Em » Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:36 pm

[align=center]This month's winner is aerieyena!


Was there any particular inspiration for the pose of this base?
I was going to make a baseless doll of one of my characters. I wanted a sexy pin up kind of pose. I googled pin up and looked at a few poses, the arm held up is directly referenced from one of the pictures, the rest I just went with. She was originally just going to be a portrait, but she developed into something more.

Why did you make her black and white?
With all my bases I start with a sketch in a bright color. I trace over the sketch in black. Sometimes I don't add details till the end, but with this one I started shading in greys early on. By the end it just looked right and I didn't want to change the colors.

Do you think you'll ever turn her into a base set?
No. Sorry. I wanted to make a very specific kind of pose for this one. I don't think she would look right with different arm or leg positions (I tried a few when making her and they were bad).

Are there any people you draw inspiration off of for all of your bases?
Not really. When I start working on a base I usually don't even have a set idea for it, I just draw something and do what feels right from there. I try to adhere to my personal aesthetic, but I almost always get CC from Kitsuragi when I work on things. It really helps to have a friend around to give you an honest opinion.

Do you think you would change anything about her?
I'm really not fond of her shading. It feels messy to me and certain areas don't really work with the light source. The smaller version also feels very messy, but that might just be because I did it so quickly. I would like to encourage people who use it to reshade it (not just because I dislike the shading, but it really helps to make it more personalized for each person).

Thanks so much!
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Postby SissyB » Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:43 pm

Congratulations!!! ^-^
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