Base of the Month January '11!

Oscars given for outstanding Bases.

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Base of the Month January '11!

Post by Em » Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:39 pm

This month's winner is mariiii!


You make a lot of bases, what inspires you each time?
I don't know so much. I start drawing sketches on paper everywhere, at work, besides housework....only sometimes, I look at magazines, to get a special pose (like my Tiara base; which is inspired by underwater photography poses)
Maybe it's because I really like (fashion) photography. I like to have bases/poses, which say 'hey, look at me'. The same for 'ball jointed dolls', they're only dolls, but I love the faces! Most of them have innocent but strong/sexy expressions, and that's what I love and inspires me :)

You mentioned that the shading style is different from your usual bases, howso?
Nowadays many people remove the shading, and add shading themselves. So I decided to shade it how I like it. With a very soft light-source from the left. This way, I don't have to reshade my own bases, if I do a doll with them.

Which part of this base was the hardest for you to do?
The legs. As always, they looked quite good on my paper-sketch, but after pixeling them, they looked strange. Some people gave me CC/redlines, which really helped, and when I have time/motivation, I'm going to add one or two more leg poses.

This base started as a personal base, what made you decide to release her?
I remember, I wanted do to a halloween gift with this base. But instead of doing the gift, I had fun creating different poses. After I had a few, I decided to release her, because I probably never would use all poses. And I guess, it was a cute diversion between all the pageant-bases, or more realistic bases ;)

Looking back on it, is there anything you wish you had done differently?
Yep, the legs (but I'm going to add another leg pose), and maybe one of the hand poses. Other than that, I'm quite satisfied, the head is big enough ;)
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