Base of the Month February 11!

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Base of the Month February 11!

Postby Em » Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:36 pm

This month's winner is mariiii!



What inspired you to make this base? Is this what usually inspires you to make bases?
Usually I draw sketches on paper when I'm bored or have much free time. If I remember right, I started this base not on paper but immediately with my mouse. My inspiration for this....maybe boredom ;) ?

Is there any difference in the bases you use for your dolls and the bases you release?
A little bit, yes. I tend to not release bases which inspire me like muses. These bases are usually pullip-like, or have a very special/rare look which I want to use only for special dolls.

What is your favorite part of the base making process?
Drawing the eyes :) especially on bigger bases (like my newer 'Bunny' base) it's difficult, but much fun. And of course, parts which don't take so much time XD.

Ever tried a male base? Why/why not?
Not yet. But I already drew males on paper, and I currently have a project for a wedding where I have to create paperdolls. As soon as I think the anatomy is fine, I'll try to create male bases as well :)

Anything you wish had turned out differently in this base?
I think the hips are a bit wide on the 3/4 pose. And some of the poses are rushed...

Thanks for botm again :)
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Re: Base of the Month February 11!

Postby VooDooCocaine » Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:50 am

Congratulations, too cute.
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