Base of the Month March '11!

Oscars given for outstanding Bases.

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Base of the Month March '11!

Post by Em » Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:01 pm

This month's winner is Rhapsody-Girly!


What made you decide to start this base set?
I mainly just wanted a base set that I could use for pageants for myself, I have a anatomy style and shading style that it is easier to use my own base the completely edit other peoples bases.

Do you have any further plans for it? Will you keep expanding?
Oooooh yes! I plan on making it a huge set someday, but it keeps getting put off by other projects, however I have wips for new poses in progress and a few almost done.

What is your favorite part about making bases?
Oof, probably shading, or maybe faces, it depends on the base but I generally have the most fun shading the skin, I love picking the pallet's and getting this flat looking thing looking as realistic as I can <3

What is your favorite type of base to use?
Medium-Smallish Full body's, Such as the Brigh set by Blood-cocoa@deivantart or Silindor's Alyssa set. Also, curvy bases, I love them curves XD

Is there any part about this base you wish were different?
Some anatomy on well... all of them, but I plan on fixing the anatomy that I hate in the future edits. Also the pallet is a bit harsh :\
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