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Okay, okay, we know it's a cheesy pun. :wink:
To kick off the Autumn when dolling always seems to decline, we're gearing up to get you excited about dolling again with a series of Autumn-themed events! They're all listed below with a brief explanation for each event!
:rank-onestar: Scavenger Hunt :rank-onestar:
Every day will we be hiding pixelated leaves with a number 1-5 in different active topics. Your goal will be to find the leaves and let us know! Whoever finds the most leaves by the end of the contest gets a special prize. :hey:
:rank-onestar: "Homecoming Dance" Contest :rank-onestar:
This is a dolling contest. You're being asked to doll someone attending a Homecoming Dance. The winner will be voted on strictly by public vote to keep the tradition of Homecoming Kings & Queens. Yes, you can doll a guy, a girl, or a couple. The choice is yours.
:rank-onestar: "Fall Together Now" Collab :rank-onestar:
For our "Yearbook Photo" this year, we're asking everyone to doll themselves, or their doller-representive ego, in their favorite fall clothes on our exclusive bases, Director & Producer. It doesn't matter what that translates into for you whether it's still capris or you're in long sleeves and snow boots!
:rank-onestar: "Bobbing For Bases" Challenge :rank-onestar:
This is a base-making challenge. We want you to either remake one of your old bases or make a totally new base. Public vote will determine the winners of the challenge whose bases will be included in a future base-race event.
:rank-onestar: "Picksels" Challenge :rank-onestar:
This is a graphics challenge. Similar to our Actors Challenges, every week we will ask you to either pixel or tool a different fall item that you typically "pick". There will be weekly winners as well as an overall winner at the end of the event.
:?: Any Questions or Concerns, either comment here or PM Dragyn.
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