I need some dates for my OCs! - OPEN

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I need some dates for my OCs! - OPEN

Post by AxxKat » Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:59 pm

Hellooooooo ladies! Or Gents! I'm lookin to pair up my OCs with dates :D These are the ones that I'm open to doing anything with, so let me know if any interest you and we can do a collab together!
[*] Adina Raycor - only with a girl - stylish leopard girl with tattoos
[*] Alayana - no preference for date - cutsey bunny girl
[*] Ray - preferably with a girl - fire powers punky kid
[*] Deerling - preferably with a male - not necessarily also a deer person, but someone fantasy-ish
[*] Celia or Taryn - no preference for date - pokemon universe - i'd like to doll them with a pokemon and their date c:
[*] Ona - preferably with a male - very high fantasy elf
[*] Aerie - preferably with a female - high fantasy and badass
[*] Tasha Siren - think x-men, modern with super powers - preferably with someone sorta hipster?

My dA group has all of my OCs, but my OC wordpress blog has more detailed style guides for some of them :)

I won't be opposed to others not in the above list, those are just the ones I had ideas for :)
Kat is the only one I have specifics for who she can be dolled with.

I like duckie, aerie, zappy and base-o-holics bases and stay away from hollay bases. Totally open to try anything, though!

If you want to PM me instead that's fine, too!

I'm also up to having more more then one partner, as well! ;D baaahahaha

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Re: I need some dates for my OCs! - OPEN

Post by zili-minikincrafts » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:49 pm

Would either one of my gals be fitting? LaLa and Sen

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