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Need a hand? - OPEN

Post by AxxKat » Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:05 pm

Do you have an OC that needs a date? AxxKat's supply-a-date service is here for you! Let me know some general guidelines your OC is looking for, a general universe setting, and some key appearance traits you would like to see! I love creating new OCs and would love to do so for you! :)


I like duckie, aerie, zappy and base-o-holics bases and stay away from hollay bases. Totally open to try anything, though!

If you want to PM me instead that's fine, too!

I'm also up to having more more then one partner, as well! ;D baaahahaha

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[b]General Universe:[/b] Modern, Fantasy, Space, Post-Apocalyptic, etc.
[b]OC Reference:[/b] Pictures are preferred c:
[b]Date Preference:[/b] boy/girl/etc, race (like vampy or werewolf or something), any key feature traits
PLEASE NOTE: I will only sign up to do one or two male dolls. I'm not great at them, and while I would love to say I could do 5 male dolls, I know my limitations. Female dolls (even more muscular or lean) are much easier for me to do.

Examples of my work:
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Image Image Image Image Image
bases by: Bri // Bri // me // me // me

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bases by: Duckie // Zappy // Zappy

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