Single vampire looking for long term drinking buddy ~OPEN~

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Kelly Ann
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Single vampire looking for long term drinking buddy ~OPEN~

Post by Kelly Ann » Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:33 pm


Hello! This is Dani. Dani is a vampire of few words. Dani is what I like to call a Derpire. He's not the smartest nor is he the most graceful creature on the planet. He's incredibly tiny and although me growl at you, he poses little threat to anyone over 4 feet tall. He has bucked fangs and tends to drool, no hair, a pushed up bat-like nose and a tendency to stare off into space and only snap out of it when presented with food (either solid or liquid.)

Dani enjoys wearing wigs and cross dressing. He says dresses make him feel pretty. Although his everyday style consists of skinny jeans and oversized black sweaters, he loves dresses of all kinds. The frillier the better.

If you're interested in a vertically challenged, semi-stupid vampire with a saliva problem who might wear your grandma's clothes, hit me up! Gender doesn't matter. You don't even have to be human. Aliens and furries welcome!

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