(not that crazy) cat lady looking for a date! - OPEN

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(not that crazy) cat lady looking for a date! - OPEN

Post by Lex » Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:49 am

at first i wasn't gonna do a collab, but then i thought why not?? it'll be fun!!

so this i kzrirr;

some random facts about her:
- is probably some kind of treasure hunter
- collects everything, even stuff with no actual value. her house is full of junk
- loves to tell odd jokes that no one understands, and then always laughs at them herself
- thinks she can play the guitarr, but is probably really bad at it

looking for;
- any gender is fine! kzrirr is pan
- human is 100% ok, but if there's any cat-person out there it would be even better!!! (and other species are fine too, i'm not that picky)

the collab;
- i'm up for any base, preferably not too big tho. (phoenigette's new base maybe, or halli or director or my favorite base by duckie? like i said; anything's fine!)
- theme! kzrirr lives in a sort of old west inspired world, so maybe we could go for western themed clothes? (i've been kinda inspired by the whole old west thing since i saw westworld tbh) or maybe we could go more steampunky? (old west steampunk, is that a thing?) but like, more modern clothes would be fine too! c:

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