Information and Questions

Halloween themed Redoll event for 2017
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Information and Questions

Post by Phoenigette » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:28 pm

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

What the heck is this?
Redoll is where you re-do a doll made by the person assigned to you. But this is secret! So make sure to ONLY post in your team's forum, and stay out of the other team's forum! No peeking!

You have to change at least three things about the original doll; for example: hair, top, and prop. This redoll is extra special because it's halloween themed! Meaning you must include some halloween element to your doll, be it coloring, spookiness, or what have you.

Where do I send it when I'm done?
When completed with your redoll, please PM it to Phoenigette

Important Dates
Assignments Sent Out: September 24th
Redoll's Due: October 28
Reveal: November 4*
*Tentative dates based on how many make-up gifts needed.[/center]

1. Must have 3 significant changes
2. Blood/Gore not allowed unless contained in original doll or allowed by recipient.
3. Must be inspired/influenced by Halloween or Monsters.
4. Must be your original work.
5. Must not directly copy any piece of the original lineart.
6. Must be kept "underwraps" until the reveal.
Do not post your gifts to any other forums, the Dolls section, deviantArt, personal doll sites,
or any other method of sharing before the reveal.
Reminder when posting dolls with blood/gore to place under a spoiler.
Spoiler: show
Image Image
Thanks Gwen ;)
Bang, baby!

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Re: Information and Questions

Post by Tals » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:56 am

What time on the 28th are these due?
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