Rehearsals Rules

Any work that is incomplete, and needs a little critique to improve!

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Rehearsals Rules

Postby Em » Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:53 pm

This forum is for any works in progress!

The general rules apply here, no frankendolling and please post base credits.

An important note: if you don't know the basemaker of your doll, please do not post it in this forum. You can go first to the Phone Booth and ask other users for help finding the basemaker, and then come back here to post the work as 'completed'.

When posting your artwork, you can also choose the level of CC you'd like. You can find the levels here.

When posting a WIP(work in progress) that is hardly worked on or not worked on at all, please put a stamp over it or give it something like a tiny swimsuit because otherwise you're violating redistributing rules in place by most basemakers.

*Also, remember that credit means a clickable link to the basemaker.

You can create a clickable link by either posting the URL directly into your post, or by clicking the button labeled "URL" in the message editing panel, where you can then type in the URL of the basemaker to create a link. Remember to click the URL button after you've typed the URL to close the tag.
Code: Select all
[url=]Base Name[/url]

Please, when showing larger images, use the thumbnail tag. They will be cropped otherwise.

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