TPP - spyders versions

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TPP - spyders versions

Postby Spyder » Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:18 am

Hello - im not dead. I've just been... away >_>

So. Working on TPP entries.

Fairy type is the first round, as im sure you're aware, and my personal fairy types of choice are... all of the,. No, seriously. I had to pull names out of a hat!

So I've got Mawile and Florges.

Looking through the movesets etc I've decided that Mawile will be entering the Tough contest, and Florges the beauty. So going through a backlog of my characters, I've decided to go with my actual Pokemon OC Katsumi (Katsi) to go with Mawile, and one of my other OC's - Kenner - for Florges.

These are what i have so far.

Katsumi's base is by Radiuhoh and Kenner's base is by Watermelon Bubblegum.

Katsumi will have a change of boot - it has to be boots, she wont wear lady shoes. And her cocktail dress, whilst not exactly a cocktail dress, its inspired by a variety of them, and its meant to be a sort of a taffeta material, but not quite taffeta. Kenners is meant to be nor quite chiffon - as it needs to be opaque, but that sort of light material. She's going to have a fitted top and perhaps a bolero type jacket. And of course both require accessories.

What i need help on though, its the folds of the skirts. I hate skirts that need folds. I hate hate hatehateHATE them. These are no exception. I've done the above so far but im still really not happy with them. They look too... stiff, i think. That might not be the right word. But they dont look right. Neither do their legs but thats fixable.

Of the two, I'm more happy with Kenners skirt, with the waterfall effect. But Katsumi's dress overall is more my style.

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Re: TPP - spyders versions

Postby Parker » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:11 pm

What may be off to you is not so much the folds but the palette. The folds need work, but that may be a case of not using a reference for the fabric. However, the palette is too extreme for taffeta.

This is a tutorial on how to draw taffeta. It's for traditional art, but it has some tips at the beginning with useful information on the fabric and examples. Taffeta is shiny and has a lot of contrast, but high contrast doesn't mean you have to go as far with your highlights. It simply means that the shades will be further away from each other in terms of hue and value. I've always thought taffeta had a metallic look to it: The colours are slightly matte, but the differences in lights and darks and the way it reflects light has a kind of old metal feel. The folds are also harsher, much more crisp and stiff compared to other fabrics like silk. This allows for some interesting looks like the "hollow skirt" look that may be what you're looking for your doll. It has the big skirt look without weighting so much or requiring so many layers of fabric.

I don't know which process you follow when dolling, but I suggest you forget about lining each fold in the skirt and simply draw it with your shading. Use the colours from your palette to bring out the shapes and avoid going too dark or too light. Simply find rich colours that contrast without looking like they hate each other, and shade as if your were sculpting the folds. I gave it a go before writing this post. I used one of the skirts linked below as reference (the hot pink one).


I picked saturated shadows and mid tones and desaturated highlights. The shadows are not too dark and don't go too far from the middle of the colour box.

Here are some examples in different colours. Googling "Taffeta skirt" brings up hundreds of examples with very interesting designs that may help you with the skirt folds and design.


As for the second doll, I don't have much CC, since what you have already is really good. If you're going for a chiffon look, then you need to soften a bit the lines in the folds to our left. The darkest colours in there break the softness of the whole shading.
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Re: TPP - spyders versions

Postby Caitlincaitiecait » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:21 pm

They look really good so far! I especially like the color palettes you have going on, but I think the shape of the hem might be what is causing you issues.

For Katsumi: Her skirt looks to be a sort of A-line, or possibly circle skirt. If you look at photos of skirts like that ( ... -dress.jpg this is similar in shape), notice how the hem is? There is some curve to it, but it's not very dramatic. Right now on Katsumi's dress, you have a fairly dramatic curve up on either side, which tends to make it look like the dress is made of a lighter/bouncier/fuller material. If you want a fuller skirt, this type of hem is totally acceptable, but it should be throughout the hem, instead of only in two places. The outline of the skirt itself is also a bit straight on the right (her left), but on the other side it is a bit more "bell" shaped. I love the design, and think you are really on the right track!

For Kenner: I adore that palette. The hue shift towards blue is really lovely. I also like the pose on the pokemon, it's very glam! The shorter part on the leg is a tad straight, but overall the skirt is really pretty so far.

Lol Parker posted before I was able to, and with better pictures :P
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