First base ever kinda stuck

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First base ever kinda stuck

Postby whimzybell » Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:55 am

Hey guys this is Yodie hes my first base ever. I prefer working on small scale stuff so hes tiny. I like his big eyes and ears well basically I like his head but that's kinda it.I am honestly not sure what to do with the lower half of his body I cant figure out how I want his legs to look.
I favor "sprite" types of bases but nothing I've done has been what I want.
I am kinda ok with the shading, I struggle with shading so bad and its killing me.
Thoughts for the legs?

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Re: First base ever kinda stuck

Postby MelianAlcarime » Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:33 am

So far he's very cute. The ears appear to be more front-set than on the side of the head (if that's intentional, don't worry), otherwise the shading is fine. When it comes to a base, sometimes less shading is better so that it's easy to change the light source when making a doll. If his ears shouldn't be quite so front-set, you can just add a little more shadow to the ears.

As far as legs go, I think something simple would suit him better, to match his cute little arms. For leg positioning (such as bent knee and whatnot) because of the size/style you'll be relying mainly on placement of shadows.
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