So here I am

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So here I am

Post by Alissa » Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:03 am

I'm Alissa, 17, student, have been dolling for too long but never settled on a forum. I'm bad at introductions and worse at talking about myself, so I'll just do the questionnaire and any other questions can be answered at some other time.

What name do you go by online?
I'm kind of a stickler about keeping my dolling identity separate from my other online accounts. So you won't see any screennames here, but occasionally - if the site's small enough and I won't be confused for anyone else - I'll just go by Alissa.

Where does your username come from?
My name, I guess.

How long have you been dolling?
Since 2007, so almost nine years. Over half of my life actually, which sounds scary.

Do you pixel or tool shade?
Pixel, though I occasionally try my hand at tool. It never seems to work out though. I just prefer pixelling, since it's what I started with when I wasn't allowed to download any new programs on the family computer and all I had was MS Paint.

Post some art!
I haven't dolled in over a year. There are no examples on this computer and I've lost the password to my old image hosts, not to mention that they wouldn't be representative of my current work (if there's even such a thing). So ixnay on this one.

What are some of your other hobbies?
Writing long, pointless essays on subjects which I have no authority to speak about and getting angry when nobody listens to me when I try to talk about them. Or just the usual.

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