Obsessed with the Scissor Sisters much?

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Filthy Gorguz
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Obsessed with the Scissor Sisters much?

Post by Filthy Gorguz » Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:15 am

Filthy Gorguz? Is that what I was rockin' with in 2008?
Can I get this changed?! lol

Hi, all! I have returned! Not sure if I'm going to promise dolls in the future but my whole attempt at coming back was to rejoin, add something to this community, and hopefully by watching and maybe making some new friends I will get my spark back and start producing more! I do have some cool ideas for contests, maybe those will wake me up!

Quick back story: I left sometime in 2009-2010 after I had bought my first Wacom Bamboo fun (ancient!) and started going crazy learning how to use it and producing digital work. Turns out I loved it so much I forgot about the dolling community. After an attempt at coming back I got into a relationship and a short time later I became pregnant! I am now the proud owner of a 3 year old Gemini who eats his food with his thumb and index finger.

I recently deactivated my Facebook (because facebook adds nothing to quality of life) and decided to fill that with art instead!
So, here goes nothing.

What name do you go by online? MADMaree and DJ Hime Sama

Where does your username come from?
MADMaree = MAD are my initials and Maree is Mary
DJ Hime Sama = Hime Sama means princess, I am known as a princess to my friends [ie: wont touch dirty things, is always neat and well dressed]

How long have you been dolling? Not counting the years I've been absent? 9 yearsish

Do you pixel or tool shade? Pixel, always. No offense! You toolers are dope, I'm too lazy to learn all that extra stuff lol

Post some art! [include credits] All credit goes to me. [old works]
Image ImageImage

What are some of your other hobbies? Art is my hobby other than that? I like League of Legends and playing with my kid :)

This is my new page! DJHIMESAMA

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Re: Obsessed with the Scissor Sisters much?

Post by AxxKat » Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:27 am

AAAH I REMEMBER THOSE GOBLIN GUYS! you have a way with fur, lady! i'm excited to see you around more! :)

also pssst, if you're ever up for a game of ARAM, i'm axxkat on league as well ;)

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