Nostalgia Trip

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Nostalgia Trip

Postby queenxwitch » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:12 pm

Hey everyone! I'm Kristi :) I don't think anyone would remember me, but I used to doll often a few years ago when I was younger (started in 06 or 07 maybe?). I stopped for a couple years, made one doll in like 2010/2011 and then haven't done anything since then. I think it's cause for a really long time I stopped using a desktop computer and used a laptop with no handheld mouse, and then I also just kinda got away from the community and by 2010 or so when I tried to jump back in, the community had already changed quite a bit - lots of old dollers websites when down, stopped updating, moved on with their lives, etc. and a lot of old websites and forums moved on as well, including old dolling friends, so I think I just felt unfamiliar with everything and thus a bit lost on how to jump back in.

Just recently I had a nostalgia trip and looked through a bunch of old dolls and websites I used to frequent. I really miss pixel art and even though I was super sh!tty at it when I was younger (lmao) I had so much fun and I think it was my favorite artistic medium. I was just kinda stumbling around deviantart and the interwebs for old bases and I saw this link pop up. I can't remember if I ever joined this place or not (if I do I don't remember my username D: ) but I definitely remember seeing it around. I miss going on forums so I definitely would love to get active here again and most importantly, get dolling again!

So, a little bit more about me: I'm 20 (turning 21 next month!) and a college student. Gonna be a sophomore this fall, probably should have a better idea of what the heck I'm doing but right now I'm doing a liberal arts degree and plan on transferring to a four year university in psychology or maaaaybe sociology. I have a cat named Mustard! I enjoy wearing lolita fashion, and I also enjoy going to anime conventions (sometimes I cosplay, but I have not in a while). Other various interests I have include sewing, cooking/baking, writing, and music. Got into rugby a while ago (go All Blacks!) and like the rest of the world at the moment I'm really into Pokemon Go. If anybody was on the Pixelbee or Kawaiiville forums a long time ago, you may also remember me from there!

Sorry for the wordy intro haha. Wish I could post a doll but the ones from when I stopped aren't very good LOL. Currently working on one right now though, hopefully I can finish it tonight or tomorrow so I can post it and get feedback! Can't wait to start being active again :)
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Re: Nostalgia Trip

Postby AxxKat » Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:43 am

welcome to glam!!! :) it's always nice to see dollers come back :) i hope you find inspiration here and it encourages dolling!!! :)
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