Hello and? help?

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Hello and? help?

Post by AntipodeanOpaleye » Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:48 am

Hey there everyone! pretty cool to finally join Glam :)
So a little intro and explanation: My name is Raneem I am 19 and the last time I dolled I was maybe 10? 11?
Now I wasn't very good and I've always felt self-conscious about my dolls and so I stopped. I have never done any other type of art (I tend to not want to do something unless I know I'll be good at it, which I realize is dumb but oh well).
But ever since I just can't stop thinking about wanting to go back to pixelling, so I wanted to ask a question: is it possible for me, a person who can't draw to save their lives, to learn how to do pixel art? if yes how do you guys recommend I start? hopefully, I won't get too anxious this time.
Thank you :)

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Re: Hello and? help?

Post by Gwen » Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:05 am

Hello Raneem, welcome to Glam!! :D

No need to be self conscious about your work here, we're an encouraging bunch who want to see you succeed! (I know easier said than done though, right?) And hey, no work is perfect anyway! All we can do is improve and enjoy the process I think.

It is definitely possible! What I recommend is starting with some bases that you really like and using it as a sort of collaboration! Building on top of it, if you will. Or if you would like to start with trying to do baseless work, there are plenty of tutorials on how to draw in a specific style you like on a few sites, like Tumblr or even CtrlPaint goes over some techniques for drawing in Photoshop, where you could probably tool a doll fairly easily! (Versus pixeling it, but that's personal choice and entirely up to you of course!) I personally learned to doll from pixeling over bases and using them as a foundation for my own art. No shame in it at all! I also recommend not focusing on improving everything all at once. Some things are harder than others, and it takes time to get used to learning new tricks for it. (Hell I'm still learning new things all the time, and I hardly do art anymore). It's hard, but don't give up! :) I believe in you!
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Re: Hello and? help?

Post by Artzygrrl » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:48 am

Hello and welcome! We're glad you're here! It's so fun to see people return to the dolling community.

In my signature down below there's a link to a site called "Dolling for Dummies." If you are feeling lost and want some tutorials or walkthroughs to help guide you at learning new things, that's a great place to start. I update it as we get new material. :)

I think you can definitely be a great pixeler even if you don't draw. Lots of people in the dolling community are not traditional artists, or don't do any kind of art besides dolling really, and they're proof you can do a good job even without that. Part of it is just learning as much as you can and trying to look at the work of others to see what you love about their style and going from there.

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