Dolls Rules

Any pixel or tooled characters, made on a base or without.

Dolls Rules

Postby Em » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:38 am

Basically, this forum is for any human-ish pixelled or tool-shaded dolls.

The general rules apply here, no frankendolling, please post base credits, and definitely let us see what beautiful art you have to show!

If you have several new dolls to post at once, place them all in the same post. We don't want to have to make time rules on how often you can post, but use your head.

If your doll is mature as in nude or with gore, please put a warning label! As an example [Nudity warning]

An important note: if you don't know the basemaker of your doll, please do not post it in this forum. You can go first to the Phone Booth and ask other users for help finding the basemaker, and then come back here to post the work as 'completed'.

*Also, remember that credit means a clickable link to the basemaker. If your doll doesn't have a base, please post "baseless" or otherwise reference that it has no base.

You can create a clickable link by either posting the URL directly into your post, or by clicking the button labeled "URL" in the message editing panel, where you can then type in the URL of the basemaker to create a link. Remember to click the URL button after you've typed the URL to close the tag.
Code: Select all
[url=]Base Name[/url]

Please, when showing larger images, link them out. They will be cropped otherwise.
Code: Select all
[url=]Linked out for size[/url]

For older posts that do not do this, right click the image and you should be able to open it in a new tab or window.
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