Novembah Collabu - Giving Thanks

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Novembah Collabu - Giving Thanks

Post by LoverlySue » Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:24 am

Well, this is my 1st collab I'm making so...go easy! :P

I'm planning on doing a Collab for ALL of November, the month of Thanksgiving.

If you wanna join, just post your part below! (I'll be posting mine soon as well)

Oh, and make sure you're ok with me posting the final product with your part on DA before you enter!

+ INFO +

Time Frame: November 1st 2014 - December 1st 2014
(I will accept entries a week afterwards if you end up being a bit late)

Style: Pixel / MS PAINT
(Other than that, anything goes)

BASE: ... -395943716
(Don't worry about crediting, I'll add all that when I post the finished product)

+ No adding background or foreground stuff, but accessories are allowed (halos, wings, wanda, bottles, cups, etc).

+ One entry per person. However you can have a couple with up to two kids, a group of up to 4 people, or one animal companion. Ask me about a family group beforehand though.

+ It has to be in the theme of Thanksgiving/Fall, but I will allow small things in that don't fit into the theme as long as it goes with your entry in general.

+ It can be you, or an OC you would just love to show off and/or they fit with the theme. As such, make sure to only do a character (or characters) YOU own. If you're sharing your part of the collab with someone else though (like you do a char and they do a char and you decide to put them together as a couple or group), then that's fine.

+ Depending on how many entries there are will depend on how big & how long putting it all together takes for me.

Any questions? Just ask me!



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