Interview with Odyrah!

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Interview with Odyrah!

Post by mokia » Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:19 pm

Doll inside by Odyrah herself![/align]

Landen and Mokia had the absolute thrill of some one on one time with the very skilled Odyrah. Her eye for detail and eclectic style are refreshing to see, as well as admire.

Mokia: Okay, for the most obvious question! How does it feel being such an awesome doller! D:
Odyrah: lol, good, kind of a loss for words that others would think so about me
Mokia: :3 So modest!
Odyrah: lol
Mokia: What would you say are your favorite things to doll?
Odyrah: that's easy, i LOVE dolling hair... and facial edits and then when creating my own base, the lips... apparently i make "lucious lips" as someone put it, lol
Mokia: What would you say are your least favorite?
Odyrah: shoes...
Mokia: XD Mine too!
Odyrah: i mean, men are hard but shoes are just terrible
there's something about the way feet are made
Mokia: TIME FOR A SUPRISE QUESTION: What's your favorite gum?
Odyrah: cotton candy
Mokia: >_>
Odyrah: :p
Mokia: There's cotton candy gum?
Odyrah: by bubbilicious
Mokia: Wow.
Odyrah: a flavor XD since the 90's
Mokia: @_@ I learn new things everyday.
Odyrah: haha
Mokia: And you shush. Ok, lemme think. :B Who would you say you look up to in the dolling world?
Odyrah: there are several really
Odyrah: lithriel, hollay, pyro, ghostie, angelic sakura just to name a few, lol
Mokia: :3
Odyrah: yeah my list gets bigger, lol
Mokia: So, what do you think of all the doll drama that goes around? Like about art theft, and anime tracing, etc? Do you get involved or stay out of it?
Odyrah: i pretty much stay out of it. i mean i may leave a comment on someone's journal on da from time to time when they rant on it but... it's going to happen no matter what and the most i figure i can do is let someone know if i've seen their art stolen or traced
i don't particularly like it, and i wish it wasn't something that happened so severely like it does but...
Mokia: I understand. ^_^
What forums/sites are you involved with in the dolling world?
Odyrah: aside from glam, i'm also apart of aesthetic indulgence and the new forum linriel where i am also a mod
Mokia: And squeezing in my last question, what do you like to do besides dolling? :3
Odyrah: glam is my first dolling forum i've ever joined, lol
Mokia: Wow, so you were never part of EE?
Odyrah: well that's a toss up between me outside playing with my horses or drawing them
oh! yes, lol i forgot about ee XD
Mokia: XD
Odyrah: it's been so long since it was around
Mokia: For shame!
Odyrah: i was known as arien there
i know *hangs head*
Mokia: Anyway, that's it for me then, Landen you're up!

Landen: YAYY
Mokia: :B
Odyrah: lol
Landen: OK so first question!
What did you want to be when you grew up, when you were first starting out as a doller?
Odyrah: sort of what i am now which is running a horse farm doing art on the side... in reality i'm running mine, my parents and my sister-in-laws horse farm and me and the sis-in-law do artistic creations on the side lol
although i plan to go back to school one day to teach art to kindergarteners
Landen: That's awesome!
So, back to dolling, do you think your tastes in bases has changed from when you first started to what you choose now?
Odyrah: yes, very much... when i started, i was a dhf follower and thus those types of bases... now i find i grow addicted to bases like mariiii's pii or lithriel's twilight
i mean don't get me wrong, i still love dhf bases, and realistic ones to boot but i branch out more i'd like to think
Landen: That's always good XD;;
Odyrah: lol aye...
Landen: So, you said earlier that hair was your favorite thing to do; do you usually start with the hair, or are you a good girl who saves the best for last? XD
Odyrah: lol depends... if it's a portrait, it's hair first, if it's a full body, it's hair last... then there are days when i randomly go from one to the other
Landen: I'm the same way XD;;
Odyrah: XD
Landen: When you use other people's bases, do you generally enjoy editing them or is it one of your less favorite things to do?
Odyrah: i enjoy editing... i like to keep the base an obvious that it is the makers but i also like to add my own touch, making it mine
Landen: OK!
For my final question: I've heard your name come up a lot in the Dollchat when people are talking about this new forum. Is this the forum that Lithriel's creating, or are you working on something else?
Either way, I want details!!
Odyrah: it may or may not be something else that may or may not show up in the future XD but seriously... it's something brand new... not exactly a dolling forum... although it'll be heavily influenced by dolls
Landen: I seee =U
Odyrah: if you'd like to see it, i can let you guys register, otherwise it's closed at the moment
i've got 5 people helping out so we can make it more then just another forum you know?
Landen: Ah yeahh XD
Odyrah: it was supposed to be on the down low but apparently i don't know how to type my own address correctly XD
that's how it leaked
Landen: Because you couldn't type your own address? =U
Odyrah: my server has a redirect to the "next like thing" and when i plugged my site, i forgot the 's' at the end of dolls and thus, people were lead to the forum itself
Landen: Ohh XD
Odyrah: lol
Mokia: Times up by the way.
Odyrah: :p
Landen: I knoww D=
Odyrah: well it was fun
Mokia: :B
Landen says:
That was soo not long enough
Mokia: XD
Odyrah: lol

We also asked her for examples of her work, and she provided us with them and some info on her three favorites!
[align=center]Image Image Image[/align]
1. "i was inspired for this doll by a picture of my mom in her 20's."
2. "When I saw this base by Mariiii, I immediatly thought of Atlantis. And I'm happy with how this doll came out which is rare for me, lol, to like anything I make"
3. "Even though this doll was for the Miss Dead pageant, I rather liked that I was able to make it exactly how I had envisioned it."

To see more of her work, please visit her DA!

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Post by Ulis » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:43 am

Yay, I was waiting for a new interview. And I'm curious about who will be next ^^

I'm laughting at the very first question : )


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