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Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:37 pm
by Caitlincaitiecait
Yep! Hmm, I guess I will start out with a little bit about myself to get the ball rolling.

My name is Cait, I'm (almost) 22, married and with a little boy who is a total goober (in a good way :P ). I've been dolling for about 3 years I think, with more practice in digital painting, which really with tooling, helps I think. You can (if you want) check out my dA to see some examples of the kinda thing I do, its:

I'm a geek, and that's ok with me. I like pretty much anything fantasy related, and im starting to get into sci-fi stuff too. I love fashion as well. Umm...I don't know what else! I'm excited about this though :D

Re: Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:27 pm
by Elyssa
Oh my gosh your stuff is amazing! Just really wonderful stuff, I'm in awe :)

My name is Jenn but I go by Ely online. I'm married to Fox, who I met online about 16 years ago online before it was acceptable to meet people online. Everyone thought each of us was an ax murderer. It was refreshing to prove them wrong ;) He's from the UK so that's fun.

We have Lou, a cat, which I usually spell cait so this could get interesting. Also have an iguana at Fox's work at the homeless shelter named Izzy who we thought was a girl for about four years till the vet sexed him for us. Thank goodness we picked a universal name.

Everyone is a geek when it comes down to it. I like fantasy stuff. I used to pixel and now I'm trying to get the hang of tooling. There's something wrong with my smudge, it leaves lighter pixels around the smudged area and I don't know what setting to mess with to turn it off or if its just corrupt or what. I don't know how to use dodge and burn either I"m a bit of a newbie to using real tools ;) I just kind of smudge around till it looks right.

I'm excited too. I'll pm you my msn and we can chit chat on there if you like :)

Re: Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:09 pm
by Caitlincaitiecait
Thanks! I met my hubby online too XD People said it wouldn't last longer than about 6 months and we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary in Feburary :P Funny how that works, huh?

I made a tooling tutorial a while back (which I still need to do a second part to, but it's a start). As far as the white edges, there are a couple ways you can solve that. It doesn't mean you are doing it wrong btw. The reason why it does that is because when you lock transparency and then erase where the color is locked, it just goes white instead of invisible (if that makes sense). So, even though you aren't erasing, you are "moving" the pixels off of where the color has been locked. One way to keep from getting the dreaded white edges is to just smudge towards the edge instead of away from it, which is what I do. When I do this, if I happen to accidently get a bit of white-edge, I just use the color picker tool (the control key switches to it when held down with the brush tool out btw, if you didn't know...or is it the alt key? o.O) and repaint over the white edge. Another way is to have two layers, one where you have a hard pixel outlined base shirt or whatever it is you are shading, and then another layer that just has a much larger area of your color that scribbles outside the lines. This way, you can be willy-nilly about where you smudge and not worry about getting white edges, and then once you have shaded and smudged to your liking, go back to the hard pixel outlined layer, select the area and delete the excess from the shaded layer.

I'm downloading msn as I type, so I'll add you asap! My user name will be something similar to my user name here :)

Re: Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:24 pm
by Elyssa
oh wow I tried what you said and boom, no white edges! Thanks for the tip :) I saw your dolling tut and I was going to try it myself when I get time. One thing I really need help with is hair. I have no idea what settings to burn and dodge with or what to do with it at all. Drawing it, shading it, anything would be helpful :D I'll look for you on msn :)

Re: Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:16 am
by Caitlincaitiecait
Ok! I just made a sort of hair example/mini tutorial. Prepare for wall'o'text after the image XD


Base is by Hollay

Ok, for the first line there, I've stetched out how I would do a few different hairstyles. The blue lines are to show the general direction the hair would fall. The main thing, I think, to remember is that hair isn't flat and so you don't want to "glue" it to the base. You can see that the one where her hair is up, the hair is closest to her head, because when you pull your hair back like that, it does lay relatively flat, any other time, it's going to have a bit of volume. I didn't go into anything super complicated like hairstyles with back combing and whatnot, but I hope it gives you a general idea of how I sketch our hairstyles.

For the second line, I did a general walkthrough of how I go about doing an actual doll's head of hair. I picked one of the more "complicated" styles, the one with half her head shaved. Each number relates to the picture in that order, from left to right.

1. Basic sketch (on a seperate layer from the base)
2. Hard-pixel outlined, and filled in with a base color.
3. General shading down, just enough to give me an idea of where everything will go and just defined enough so that I don't have to have the ugly sketch visable anymore.
4 and 5. Adding more shading, this time focusing on some of the scribbly lines I made in the step before, defining them more.
6. First layer of hi-lighting. By the way, I don't really change the brush settings at all the whole time, I generally use a fairly hard (about 80-85% hardness) brush at a fairly low opacity and just build the colors (about 10-20% opacity, this time it was about 17%).
7 & 8. More hi-lighting. I'll note also, that usually for a palette (which I don't normally make, I just pick colors as I go), you get more "depth" when you go for a cooler toned shadows and warmer hilights. In this case, moving towards the red/purple side with the shadows, and towards yellow with the hilights.
9. The finished product (minus the shading under the hair on the base, but that's pretty simple). For the smudging, as you can probably tell, I don't do a ton of it. My smudge brush settings are 0% hardness with a very, very low strength, usually about 3-8%, this time it was around 6%. I also don't smudge the whole thing, I pick and choose where it needs to be smudged, typically where it looks too obviously painted, to give it a softer effect. For burn, I set the tool to midtones and use it with a low (3-8%) opacity too, and same goes for the dodge tool, except set to highlights. I use both burn and dodge sparingly as well, dodging mainly only on where the light hits alot and the burn mainly where something in over the hair (like her shoulder, etc.)

I hope that helps, it sounds much more complicated than it is, and of couse, this is just the way I do it.

Re: Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:36 pm
by Elyssa
oh my gosh this is amazing :D This helps so much!! What I really appreciate is the tool setttings because no one ever tells you that and its so important! I've been using the tools at way too high an opacity and strength and that's probably why it looks like complete shite when i do hair ;)

*hugs* thank you thank you thank you I'll work on a doll soon to let you see my new techniques in action so you can tell me "......dude no." when I get it messed up ;)

Re: Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:50 pm
by Caitlincaitiecait
Haha I'm glad it helped! Yeah, I prefer using the tools at low strength because it's easier to build that way. The whole "it's easier to add than to take away" mentality. Any WIPs you'd like to post, I'll be happy to CC :D

Re: Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:41 pm
by Elyssa
OMG its been so long. I'm so sorry for not heading back here sooner. My world got topsy turvy around the holidays with people moving in and out and then my drawing pad broke. I was very sad indeed. I apologize and will post something when I get a new pad :)

Re: Elyssa and Caitlincaitiecait!

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:21 am
by Caitlincaitiecait
Whoo! I thought you just gave up on me :P Sorry I haven't checked the thread in a while. I'll be here to help out if you need, just let me know.