Friends of the Marina Library Website Redesign Concepts

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Friends of the Marina Library Website Redesign Concepts

Postby Shixam » Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:03 am

If I've seemed wishy washy lately it's because, as I've mentioned in other places, I'm working on my Capstone project this school year (Don't ask me about this summer. This summer never happened. I was here the whole time. I swear). The Capstone is a project that seniors at my college do in order to graduate. It gives us some nice experience applying our skills to the real world, and some people (in the Web Design emphasis of the Communication Design major, at least) have actually gotten job offers because they did such a good job on their project and some potential employers are invited to watch the presentations. From what I can tell most majors only do a one semester Capstone, but CD majors are so lucky that we get to go through this stress-induced hell for an entire YEAR. Fun times.

Anyway, my project is to redesign the website for the Friends of the Marina Library, which is a local organization that supports the local library where I live. For comparisons, you can find their old website here. Per my advisor's instructions I am going to be building the new site using the Drupal content management system. All web design students have to use it unless we can come up with a good enough reason not to. I've sort of used it two times before. Once in a class last Fall where we were supposed to get deeper into it than we actually did, and once as part of a group project last Spring where we redesigned the website for the Longtimers: Senior Artists of the Monterey Bay organization (unfortunately, it sounds like there were complications and that website isn't up yet, even though we managed to get all the work on it done on our end). This is gonna be my first time making a complete site in it by myself.

I just recently finished working on the three designs that I'm going to show the client next Saturday. The web design advisor is big on having a visual metaphor in our designs. Early on I was having some trouble coming up with ideas, and I actually ended up going through 6 different versions of potential concepts before finally getting these three done.

And I've been wanting to share my designs for a while. I would really like to post them on dA, but I don't want to put them out on the internet in general before the client has a chance to see them, and I figure Glam! is a niche-enough community that I'll be safe from someone running across the designs early. In fact I might wait until the entire project is done and the new site is up and running before posting them on dA.

Number 1 was inspired by a mural of bricks outside the library. People can buy a brick and the money goes to the library and their name or the name of the person they wish to dedicate it to is printed on a brick which is then placed in the mural.

Number 2 is the idea of having a shelf of books, and when you pull one out you have the "Friends" in the background working to support the library.

And number 3 is the idea of people physically supporting the library itself. I made the graphics for the library in the header and the people holding it up in Adobe Illustrator.


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Re: Friends of the Marina Library Website Redesign Concepts

Postby Daenerys » Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:18 am

Unhelpful: I like all of them. Or maybe very helpful, or at the very least a nice compliment :)

I do have a soft sport for the middle image. There's something about semi-transparancy that just works for me.
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