"Two Years" - Poem by Nightroad

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"Two Years" - Poem by Nightroad

Post by Nightroad » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:59 pm

Bleeding, broken, bruised
Cries silenced, ignored, forgotten
Sky crackling, dark, foreboding
Life - love - faded, shattered, mourning

Brother, sister, gone - dead - but remembered
Wounds seeping, weakening,
Madness crawling, creeping, consuming
Self faded to nearly nothing, lost and adrift

Walking, stumbling, weeping in darkness,
Struggling, fighting, clawing free
Hands grasping, pulling,
Light illuminating, killing darkness

Warmth, sounds, kindness
Revival, reforming, relearning
Sky bright, cloudless, blue
Cries no more

Brother, sister, gone - dead - but remembered
Wounds healing, strength returning,
Madness at bay, retreating, losing,
Self restored to what once was

Stumbling, friends to lean on
Fighting, friends to aid me against myself
Clawing no more, walking freely
Flying, soaring, happiness.
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