Extraterrestrial Being|Updated 5/20/17!

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Extraterrestrial Being|Updated 5/20/17!

Post by QuinnKitty » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:57 pm

So Since I have not been doing pixel art in god knows how long[Shame on me]
I'll show you some of the works I've been up to.
I have not finished anything completely due to motivation come and goes
Mostly because of depression...


This is my proudest piece so far.
I know their just legs. But My anatomy is not the greatest but it took me five hours to draw up these babies[while Livestreaming] and I feel the outcome was pretty grand. Obviously, I will be trying to make this a complete art piece
so this will be a little snippet/teaser.

EDIT: Been a while since I updated this but now they are no longer JUST legs.
My bestie named her Zhykal. I am not sure if I will keep the name.
But this is her!

I am also making a pixel doll of her and her future husband.
I am back from my Hiatus.

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