Breaking the Chain with bleeding feet.

Any other artwork made in a digital or traditional medium.

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Breaking the Chain with bleeding feet.

Post by Guitarlove » Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:59 pm

Spoilered cause it's huge! Alternatively, here's a direct link.
Spoiler: show
So, deviantART is hosting an event for Pride Month. Basically, you choose a color of the Pride flag and do a piece of visual art representing the theme of the color. This is because as a gay Christian, coming out has been one of the most spiritual parts of my life. For quite a long time, I've felt fake and not "myself" as my mentors in church have always advocated I be. Once I realized I was gay last fall, it all clicked into place. The title of the work comes from Trey Pearson's "Silver Horizon" which is explicitly about coming out as a religious person (he himself is gay and was closeted for twenty years) and while the journey is hard, it's overall worth it. I'm not out to everyone, like my family, but I have a support group that's been keeping me sane.
Hope you like!

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