What is this?

Time or subject based training
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What is this?

Post by Phoenigette » Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:43 pm

This area is for mentors who would rather do time or subject based training.

How it will work:
-Mentors make a new topic describing what they are offering. the topic should include:
1) what you will be teaching/how long you will be teaching
2) how many trainees you will accept
3) how you want trainees to apply (they can apply to the thread or via PM)

-Mentors pick the trainee(s) they would like to teach and the topic is then closed to other people. please edit the topic description to "closed" or some variation

-Once done, the topic will be locked, and mentors can start a new topic if they want. please edit the topic description to "done please lock" or some variation
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