Great Easter Race of 2011

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Great Easter Race of 2011

Post by Cupid » Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:27 am

There are 8 eggs hidden around,
Find them all but don't make a sound.
Let your friends find their own,
No matter how much they whine and moan.
7 Glam eggs for you to find,
But if you find a Cadberry one, that's mine!
Really, I'm not picky
I'll take any eggs found in a forum sticky.
Find them all, I'll give you diamonds 500 diamonds aplenty,
Find half, and I'll give you 250.
Find only a few, I'll give you 42.
Be sure to find them by Easter Day,
That would be a week before the beginning of May!

DUE: April 24 midnight EST.
-MUST BE PMed. If you post it in this thread, your post will be removed and you will be disqualified. It is a hunt, you can't serve the eggs up to everyone!
-You must use the image tag* and link the thread
Egg One
:bob: (Yeah Bob Ross is not really an egg!)
-You must PM your eggs to the Easter Bunny. Do this in one PM, after you've found all the eggs you want. The Easter Bunny won't accept more than one message from you so be sure you're ready to quit if you didn't find them all!

*To get the image url, right click and copy image link/url or open in a new tab or window and get it from your url bar. Be sure to use:

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