Guide To The New User Control Panel(UCP)

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Guide To The New User Control Panel(UCP)

Post by Em » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:05 pm

With the changes of Glam! 2.0 we gained a new system to manage board settings, avatars and signatures. Here is a breakdown of how they work! Your UCP can be found under the text Board Index on the navigation bar. Perhaps you can open it up and walk through it with me! :)
On every tab you will see your friends list.

Here you will just find your stats and activity. Nothing big.
Overview->Manage subscriptions
To Subscribe to a forum or topic, you will go to the forum or topic and in the footer, next to Board Index, it will say Subscribe Forum/Topic. If you have subscribed to a topic it will be listed under this tab. You will also be e-mail anytime someone replies to this topic or posts in this forum. You can also unsubscribe via this tab.
Overview->Manage bookmarks
You can bookmark topics for future reference. This can be found on the footer, after Subscribe topics as Bookmark topic. You will not be notified of replies made to this thread.
Overview->Manage drafts
When creating a topic or post, there is a Save, Preview and Submit button below the input box. If you press save, this is where your drafts will go. Re-reading and editing is advised before you publish a draft.

Profile->Edit profile
This includes personal details viewable to everyone. In your website you can link your deviantArt or website. Possible future option to have a spot to link both. Be sure to set your birthday here so you will get your automated birthday wish! For staff, you will see an AKA field. Here you can input your free custom title. You can also select your dolling style here. It is not a required field. If you have an issue with those listed, PM Marleaux and we'll see if anything can be done. Also, here is the input for your avatar base. Short links are suggested and even required if the link overflows into a topic. If crediting to dA try username@dA. You can also use If your link overflows into the topic, a staff member may edit it to fit. For staff, you will see a box titled Formerly:. Do not do anything to it.
Profile->Edit signature
Basic signature input. Looks just like a post, you can eve n preview your signature. If you're still using the old Center tags [align] please use the new ones(button found on the top that says center).
Profile->Edit avatar
Although on the sidebar, it says Maximum dimensions; width: 150 pixels, height: 300 pixels, the Glam avatar size is actually 150x250 pixels but we've always been lenient on avatars that were just a little tall. We'd still prefer 150x250 but if you go a little over and do 150x254 you will have room. If it exceeds 150x300 though, it will fail to upload. At the moment you can only link avatars off-site. Be sure to enter how tall and how wide your avatar is or it will not upload. If you have an avatar that got distorted when we moved, just enter the correct dimensions and it will unstretch.
Profile->Edit account settings
You can change your e-mail and password here. It's very important to keep your e-mail up to date.

Board Preferences
Board Preferences->Edit global settings
The usual settings, time, PM settings, etc. You can also go invisible here by "Hide my online status" but staff members will always be able to see you.
Board Preferences->Edit posting defaults
The default setting of yes, yes, yes, no are recommended. Never disable BBCode. You can disable smilies if you'd like to make posts without using our default smilies.
Board Preferences->Edit display options
The default settings are recommended however if you'd like you can turn off avatars and word censoring. Word censoring is what turns some words into others like F*emale to dame. Careful though, you'll miss out on so much fun!

Private Messages
Private Messages->Compose message
Here you can send messages to other users. In the To: box, you must type their name and click add. If you don't, it won't be sent to them. You can use smilies and BBcode just like a post. You can even chose an icon for the PM that will appear next to it in their inbox. You can save, preview or submit here.
Private Messages->Manage drafts
This is where any PM drafts you saved would be.
Private Messages->Inbox
This is also accessible by clicking (# new messages) on the navigation bar. Here you can see all incoming PMs. On the left of some PMs, you may find a small colored bar. To the left is the legend that dictates what those colored bars mean. You will never get a message from a Foe though, as the Foe system is disabled. You can also mark topics as important by checking next to them and using the drop down menu at the bottom to mark them.
Private Messages->Saved messages
Here you will find any messages you have saved. It is recommended you do this with important messages since after 50 messages in your inbox, the old ones will get pushed out and deleted. Capacity of 50 messages.
Private Messages->Outbox
Here you can find messages you have sent but not been read by their recipients. If you click on a message you will find and edit button at the bottom so you can edit the PM so long as the person has not read it yet!
Private Messages->Sent messages
Here you will find messages you have sent. They cannot be edited.
Private Messages->Rules, folders & settings
This is an unexplored section so the information may be incomplete. Here you can direct your inbox to do certain things. You can create new folders for messages. You can alter options if your inbox is full to either hold off new messages or to move the oldest messages to a new folder. By default, it is set to Delete oldest messages.

Friends and Foes
Friends and Foes->Manage friends
Here you can add friends to your friends list. This feature doesn't do much but mark them in your inbox and give you easy access to their profiles in the UCP. You may be wondering about the Foe part. Well foes is a disabled system that lets you put people on it you dislike or wish to ignore. This would hide any posts or topics they made from you. Because we don't feel Glam should have this feature that enables people to be overlooked purposely, we have disabled it.
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