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Become or find a mentor here at the talent agency.
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Talent Agency FAQ

Post by mokia » Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:34 am

Q: How do I know where to sign up?
A: It all depends on what you think you need to learn. If you feel that you don't have anything to offer, sign up in the protostar section. If you feel you could learn a little, but also have some tricks that you could teach, sign up as a co-star. If you don't want to learn anything, but feel you can help other dollers, then sign up as a super star.

Q: What can be taught?/What can I learn?
A: The TA is to teach about anything dolling related. This can be help with something specific in dolling, or just learning dolling etiquette. However, if you need help with the forum we have a section for that here.

Q: If I am a super star, can I have more than protostar?
A: The answer is maybe. If you already have a protostar, and have been actively working with them for more than 2 weeks, yes you may pick another protostar. However, if there is no activity between the two of you (including on your part) then the answer is no. (This is not to be confused with your partner "dying") The maximum you can have is 2.

Q: If I am a co-star, can I have more than one partner?
A: The answer is no. Since you are both learning and teaching, it wouldn't be fair to let other people partner up. This would lead to a lot of cross-partnering, and at that point you might as well just go on dollchat or somewhere else in the forum. Like rehearsals.

Q: If I am a protostar, can I have more than one super star?
A: The answer for the moment is no. You are still learning from someone. It would be conflicting to be learning from two people at once. This also helps keep the mentor/trainee ratio, as there is always more trainees than there are mentors available.

Q: How long does a "session" last?
A: It lasts either as long as you need it till you've master what you wanted to learn from them. Or until one of you "dies". If you want to be partners forever, go right ahead. If you only want to learn a specific technique and then are done, PM/post in your partner topic that you are done and don't forget to thank them!

Q: I have a partner; now what?
A: This is mostly between you and your partner. If they have already specified what they'd like to learn/teach, then start up your topic and go at it! If not, start your topic and ask them what they think they could learn/teach or post what you would like to learn/teach. And work from there. Or start off by just getting to know one another.

Q: Is there a reward for being a super star?
A: The only reward is teaching someone something new! :)

Q: Where did my form go?
A: If it's older than 6 months than it has been archived and I can retrieve it for you (please PM me for this). If you have edited out the form to say you are taken, then it's gone and you will need to fill out a new one.

Q: Where did my topic go?
A: If it's older than 6 months (since the last post) than it has been archived. Please PM me to retrieve it if you and your partner are ready to continue.

Q: I signed up in the wrong section, what do I do!?
A: Calm down. :) Just go to the correct topic and post your form. Then if you are unable to delete yours, PM me and I will delete the wrong post.

If you have a new question, just post! I will respond and add the question to the list. I will wait a few days for you to see the response before I delete our posts.


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