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Waiting Tables
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Re: Protostar Sign-Up

Post by CrispyCucumber » Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:02 pm

Name: Symon (or Cucumber, Cici, cuke. Pick one haha)
Shading style: I'm experimenting with both pixel and tool, but I just started so I don't know, really, which is better.
I would like to learn about what kinds of work has been successful to other artists. Also sprites interest me a lot.
I would say I am online 3/5 times a week.
I am 16, so I have a lot of time in my life to try new art types and here I am experimenting with pixel art! By the way I am female.

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Re: Protostar Sign-Up

Post by Crazyredhead » Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:50 am

Shading Style (pixel vs tool):An odd mix. I start with pixel, but them "smudge" it all up with the smudge tool and.
What Kinds Of Things Would You Like To Learn?Shading, making different kind of clothes (getting ideas from head to screen), Fantasy, animals, backgrounds. (Not all listed is neccesary;-), the first two is most important, I guess)
How Often Are You Online?Mostly everyday.
A Bit About You:31, Dane, Engaged, love scrapbooking, pixel art, Harry Potter, Fantasy and owls.

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Supporting Role
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Re: Protostar Sign-Up

Post by Kali_Sedai » Tue May 29, 2012 10:15 am

Name: Kali
Shading Style (pixel vs tool): both (mainly pixel, but im experimenting with tool shading)
What Kinds Of Things Would You Like To Learn? i have trouble with shading black, and folds on pants. also, how to make a base (or base set) without a reference photo
How Often Are You Online? pretty much all day every day, with a few exceptions
A Bit About You: im 24, been dolling since late 2004. Ive been a cake decorator for 3 years and an artist on the side my whole life. Starting art school soon, though I havent decided between fashion design or grahic arts and animation as my major. (im leaning more towards the graphics right now)
Would you like to be Pm'ed?: Yes, please!

AV base - Glam Excl. by Duckie

Waiting Tables
Waiting Tables
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Re: Protostar Sign-Up

Post by Scandalacious » Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:21 pm

Name: Scandalacious

Shading Style (pixel vs tool): Pixel

hwat Kinds Of Things Would You Like To Learn? [s]Everything![/s] Fine, I'll be more specific. I'd like to learn about shading and drawing clothing/shapes in particular. That would cover hair, clothing, etc. You know, the more important bits of dolling? If you can still tolerate me after that, I'd like to learn how to create accessories and edit bases (skin tones, facial features, etc). And then, possibly even creating my own bases. But most importantly, I'd like to learn the basics. :3

How Often Are You Online? A fair bit, actually. The only times I have minor lapses is when I'm travelling or my internet decides to die.

A Bit About You: Hmm, well. I'm a 19 year old university student studying Business Management. I'm an avid rper (shush) and have been since I was around 12/13 years old? Anyways, graphics kind of go hand in hand with the whole rping bit, which is why I've decided to venture into the world of dolling and such. I'm an absolute Musical Theater maniac as well, and can talk about it for hours upon hours. You have been warned. :3

Edit: Oh! I almost forgot. I know that I signed up as a Protostar (which essentially means I'm a fail at doll making), but I could reciprocate any partnership by teaching you how to blend images for nifty signatures, or code pretty posts and basic websites. Or, you know. Get you addicted to roleplaying. ;D

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Re: Protostar Sign-Up

Post by MarissaLynnJane » Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:00 pm

Name: MarissaLynJane

Shading Style (pixel vs tool): Pixel

What Kinds Of Things Would You Like To Learn? Basically, everything. I use to be big into the pixel community and I was always practicing. But, I haven't done it in nearly two years so I'm starting from scratch.

How Often Are You Online? Quite often 5+ hours a day.

A Bit About You: I'm 20, currently attending college to be a nurse, and I knew quite a few people from the dA pixel community. But, when I left I completely forgot. Until last month I had forgotten that I still had this account. D: Terrible, I know. Gigi was my first mentor, if I'm not mistaken and soon after is when I left. But, I'm back now and ready to learn. c:


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